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Region 14 Contacts

Joint Region 14 Co-ordinators

Janet Balcam

t: 01484 608344

Hilary Spilsbury

e: Hilary

t: 01482 886203

Joint Region 14 Treasurers

Angela Greenwood

e: Angela

t:01422 201997

Ann Sherratt

e: Ann

t: 01484 311329

Region 14 Newsletter Editor

Laura Bok

Region 14 Website Editor

Carol Bowden

e: Carol

Young Quilters Representative

Pat Wills


t: 01904 633609

Assistant Young Quilters Representative

Brenda Baxter

e: Brenda

t: 01904 421626

Area Representative


Alison England


Area Representative


Mary Griffiths

e: Mary

t: 01904 411295

Area Representative


Kate Smith

e: Kate

t: 01904 658913



Susan Weatherald

e: Susan

t: 01904 786680

Area Representatives required
We need more Area Representatives to cover the whole of the Yorkshire and Cleveland Region.  If you are a Region 14 member and would like more information about this exciting voluntary opportunity, please contact Janet or Hilary for more information.

Committee Members

Jane Blackburn

e: Jane

t: 01422 349182

t: 07913 637553

Pauline Pitman

e: Pauline

Sue Rodgers

e: Sue